Risk identification & mitigation

Managing and minimising risks

Localityworks makes risk mitigation simple using customized views and forms.


People and assets most at risk can be recorded, reported and tracked securely and confidentiality.  Information on potential hazards can also be assessed, captured and scheduled for reporting and follow up.


Localityworks has an ever-growing list of pre-configured risk mitigation modules, accessible through both the web interface and mobile Apps.  Modules currently available are listed below, with many more to come:

  • Municipal Fire Prevention
  • Damaged Asset Inspections
  • Road Side Vegetation Inspections
  • Asset inspections
  • Abandoned vehicles.

Regular inspections are a key part of any effective mitigation strategy.  Localityworks lets you schedule regular servicing of key assets and equipment and inspection of identified risks.  This efficient logging and auditing increases efficiency and prevents faults, injury and potentially costly litigation.