Integrates with existing systems

Localityworks plays nicely with others

Localityworks can integrate with a wide variety of external and in-house systems and data sources.  And the better these systems work together, the more efficient you and your teams can be.

Integration means data only needs to be entered once and the latest mission-critical information is always at your fingertips, in real time.  And because data sharing is secure, it’s easy to share critical data between teams and across jurisdictional borders. This makes for efficient team management, resource allocation and strategic decision-making

Using the REST API (Application Programming Interface), which supports JSON, XML and CSV, Localityworks can import, export, integrate with and securely share interactive information in real time with third-party data sources and in house GIS mapping systems, asset registers and communications, CRM and ERP systems. 

Integration Services
With the API you can do your own integration by pushing data to or pulling data from Localityworks.  However, if you don’t have the in house expertise or resources to do it yourself, you can make use of Datalink’s Integration Services Unit with 16 years experience.