Geospacial searching

Always know where you are and what's going on around you

One of Localityworks most powerful features is the way it presents, collects and manages geospacial information.  With Localityworks powerful mapping features you see location-specific information the way you need it and where you need it - On site.

Localityworks presents mapping information as layers.  Each layer can be turned on or off as required, so you only see the information you need.  Asset information, nearby resources, property boundaries, utilities, services, natural features and infrastructure can all be seen.

Localityworks contains a suite of sophisticated annotation tools so Field Officers and Managers can mark up a map with the information they need or want gathered:  Multiple pin points, custom icons, line strings and polygons.  And you can annotate a map and search asset and location information wherever you are, online or offline, in the field or in the office.