Document storage

Localityworks features an easy to use Document Manager for storaging policies and procedures, operating manuals, log books, asset information, technical drawings, specifications and knowledge bases.

The Document Manager also provides secure workspaces for teams to share confidential documents. Through Localityworks, all the documents your team needs are at their fingertips, no matter where they are.

The Document Manager includes:

  • Secure and comprehensive help menus and information;
  • Document version control;
  • Automatic handling of multiple file types:  PDFs, MS Word, Excel, CSV.  In fact, any file on your system can be loaded to the Document Manager;
  • Bookmarking and Keyword tagging;
  • Easy to find information thanks to hierarchical structure;
  • Rich Text Area so you can create tables, bullet pointed lists, set indents and text styles;
  • Widget to allow advanced media capture, such as images, audio, photos, video, YouTube links and more.