Companion Mobile Apps

Everything you need at your fingertips

Downloading the mobile App to your iOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android tablet or smartphone puts the power of Localityworks at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

The mobile App lets you see mission critical information and do real-time reporting using a variety of easy to use tools.

You can update a maintenance record, schedule an inspection, update the asset register, update a service log, capture location, impact and damage information about a flood, road accident or other incident and share it instantly with the rest of your team.  Custom forms, photos, video, audio, map annotations and GPS location can all be collected easily and quickly.

Field Officers and Managers can optimise and update their work schedules, make rapid impact assessments, generate dashboard reports and share data in real time to respond quickly and appropriately.

Some benefits of using the Localityworks mobile App inspection tools include:

  • Faster job delivery;
  • Improved job accuracy;
  • Capture and share audio, photos and video[1];
  • Complete customised forms;
  • Get GPS directions on how to get there[2];
  • Record GPS information on site;
  • Link to data sources;
  • Find assets visually based on what is near by;
  • Work offline when an internet connection is not available;
  • Organise jobs by map location or distance from your current location;
  • Annotate maps;
  • Conduct onsite damage or cost estimates;
  • Track distances walked or travelled, such as the length of a damaged road;
  • Track a route for the day or session;
  • Manage multiple Field Inspectors;
  • Create new assets;
  • Schedule follow up visits;
  • Enter data only once and reduce the administrative load.

With Localityworks, you are always in touch and always in control.

[1] Camera photo and video capture require iOS/Android App

[2] Photographs require iOS/Android App