Community engagement

Give the people what they want

If you know what people want you can give it to them.  And if you’ve done a good job, you want them to tell you.  Through the Community Engagement Module you can engage the public before, during and after an event or incident via announcements and notifications, mobile web Apps and social media integration.

With the Localityworks Community Engagement App the public or a selected contact lists can engage with you whenever they want and wherever they are on their iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android enabled tablet or smartphone.  Through the App the public or your contacts list can immediately:

  • Ask you to contact them and tell you why;
  • Report incidents and hazards;
  • Find locality based services – (such as their nearest refuse or recycling depot, service provider, community event);
  • Get directions to services and locations;
  • See News and Events;
  • Rate your performance at providing a service or dealing with an incident or event;
  • Share information with their friends.

And how you configure the Community Engagement Add-on to provide the services and feedback you're after is entirely up to you.