Asset Management

Manage your assets; manage your workflows; manage your costs

Large organisations can have large asset registers.  What are those assets?  Where are they?  Do you have the critical information about them you need?  Are you using the right Asset ID.  Localityworks puts all this information at your fingertips for asset types like houses, bridges, roads, footpaths, pipes, trees, infrastructure, natural watercourses, property boundaries or assets with complex polygon boundaries.  It can also handle assets without a specific location, like a bulldozer or mobile generator.

Imagine the saving in time and improved accuracy by selecting a footpath on a map with the touch of the screen on the mobile App and have it automatically link to the correct footpath ID in the asset register.  Linking information collected in the field to the appropriate asset record can be this easy and is an enormous help when integrating systems to show what work was done.

Using preloaded assets also helps to quickly assign a job or inspection to a team member.  And by using the “Get Directions” feature the system can help them navigate to the location using their GPS.