Allocate staff

Managing and mustering your greates asset: Your People

Localityworks helps you effectively and efficiently manage your teams and get the best from them by putting the tools and information they need right at their fingertips.

One example is the Localityworks Contacts Register.  Using the Contacts Register improves staff coordination by replacing whiteboards and paper-based systems with an online roster.  Users anywhere can quickly and easily see who is on duty and online and who is in their chain of command.  Through the Contacts Register, team members always know who is available, who they can ask for help and who they have to report to.

The Contacts Register streamlines the flow of critical information, allows resources to be allocated more efficiently and effectively so better decisions be made quicker.  And during an emergency, you can use the Contacts Register to tag and bulk assign people to put them on duty or into teams for rapid deployment.

Keeping them safe
In addition to utilising your staff more efficiently and effectively, Localityworks can also help keep them safe.

If configured to do so, Localityworks can log the location of the device every 15 minutes or whenever the mobile App is used.  With this feature you will always know where your people are so in an emergency, you can get help to them.  Fast.