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  1. Changing your on duty / off duty status now easier on mobile

    Posted 29 December 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    Just thought I'd take a moment to inform you of a really useful feature that has in a recent update.

    Many of you told us that changing your duy status on mobile devices was not as easy as it ...

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  2. Crisisworks 3.5 is just the beginning

    Posted 21 October 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    Packed with more than 100 improvements, the latest release of Crisisworks has arrived.

    We’ve listened to you and the Crisisworks team is committed to improving not just our software, but our ...

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  3. Pinpoint locations with greater accuracy for more informed decisions

    Posted 30 September 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    Most emergency managers will tell you how critical capturing accurate location information is to making informed decisions during a crisis situation. It's called geolocation and it is actually ...

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  4. Send the right messages at the right times to those who need to know

    Posted 23 September 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    Crisisworks coordinators told us that they wanted an improved announcements system and we listened.

    As one of the key ways that coordinators communicate with the EOC team and also the public, ...

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  5. Introducing Registers - status boards and mobile reporting for your key processes

    Posted 16 September 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    We're very excited to show off a game changing feature of Crisisworks 3.5's new architecture - the registers model. This new model enables almost any crisis management process to be created into a ...

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  6. New Fire Prevention Notice Functionality

    Posted 2 September 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    We are pleased to announce that new Fire Prevention Notice functionality will be available in Crisisworks for Victorian MECC Central users with the upcoming Crisisworks 3.5 release.

    With this in ...

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  7. Field trials of Live Impact Assessment a Success

    Posted 12 August 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    Last week the Crisisworks team travelled to Gippsland for a live impact assessment field exercise. A pilot council, East Gippsland Shire, has begun testing the new Crisisworks mobile applications. ...

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    Feedback from trial participant

  8. Resilience Conference, Adelaide

    Posted 26 July 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    As part of our national roadshow, director Peter Kakris travelled to Adelaide in South Australia to exhibit Crisisworks at the recent Australian Institute of Emergency Services (SA Branch) Resilience ...

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    Peter Kakris at Crisisworks Resilience Conference stand
  9. Emergency Management Conference 2013

    Posted 15 July 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    Crisisworks user Bruce Ray, an active member of the Crisisworks User Group who worked with MECC Central at the City of Wodonga was available to speak with other Crisisworks users last week at our ...

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    Bruce Ray (left) talking Crisisworks at the EMC exhibit
  10. Crisisworks for iPhone and iPad released

    Posted 17 June 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    A new app for iPhone and iPad adding some exciting new functionality to Crisisiworks has been released on the App Store.

    While Crisisworks has supported these devices since its first release in ...

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    Crisisworks iPhone companion dashboard