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  1. Post Impact Assessment webinar now online

    Posted 14 February 2014 by Scott Davey (Crisisworks)

    For those that are too busy to attend our webinar on Post Impact Assessment using Crisisworks on iPads, I've uploaded our most recent webinar to YouTube.

    Note that it's 57 minutes in duration, so if ...

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  2. Installing GDAL and QGIS on OSX Yosemite

    Posted 2 January 2015 by Scott Davey (Scott Davey)

    For those of you working on geospatial datasets, if you're like me then your go-to tools will be QGIS and GDAL.

    Here's my latest homebrew setup for these tools, on a freshly built OSX Yosemite ...

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  3. What makes an effective post-impact assessment? A presentation to the Disaster Management Conference 2014

    Posted 20 August 2014 by Scott Davey (Crisisworks)

    A few months ago I had the pleasure to present at the Disaster Management Conference 2014 held at the Gold Coast.

    The topic was on a favourite area of mine, the use of digital systems to improve the ...

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  4. Installing GDAL 1.11 on OSX using Homebrew

    Posted 12 April 2014 by Scott Davey (Scott Davey)

    UPDATE: There's now an easier way to do this.

    For those that work on GIS software development, GDAL is probably your go-to toolkit as it is mine. 

    Recently I had to read data from the ...

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  5. Crisisworks patched against Heartbleed bug

    Posted 9 April 2014 by Scott Davey (Crisisworks)

    Recently, a security vulnerability called Heartbleed was discovered in a widely-used third party library called OpenSSL. This library is widely used in roughly 2/3 of the world's servers, including ...

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  6. Feedback from the field - what Northern Grampians has to say about Crisisworks for Post Impact Assessments

    Posted 14 February 2014 by Scott Davey (Crisisworks)

    As soon as it was safe to do so, a few weeks ago Northern Grampians Shire Council mobilised a Post Impact Assessment team to perform field assessments of damaged property and infrastructure, and this ...

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  7. Changing your on duty / off duty status now easier on mobile

    Posted 29 December 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

    Just thought I'd take a moment to inform you of a really useful feature that has in a recent update.

    Many of you told us that changing your duy status on mobile devices was not as easy as it ...

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  8. Datacentre upgrade

    Posted 20 December 2013 by Peter Kakris (Crisisworks)

    We've been busy preparing our new datacentre to improve performance, scalability and reliability. The new platform, based in Sydney, will be released in the next few weeks and is available now if the ...

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  9. v3.5.27 release

    Posted 16 December 2013 by Peter Kakris (Crisisworks)

    "Release time" is our favourite time in the software development world. It's when all our hard work comes to fruition!
    We've been busy locked away improving the Crisisworks product since the last ...

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  10. Crisisworks in SAMMI, NSA's mobile incident control centre

    Posted 13 December 2013 by Peter Kakris (Crisisworks)

    Not since the pilot episode of Knight Rider have we been so excited by a state-of-the-art vehicle ... NSA's SAMMI is much more than a truck. It is a fully functioning mobile incident control centre.


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