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v3.0.24 Released

Posted 1 March 2013 by Scott Davey (Crisisworks)

Today's release of Crisisworks (v3.0.24) is significant in that it incorporates the Crisisworks branding for the first time.

Rather than issue another routine maintenance update, we've included new features that makes Crisisworks a more flexible solution for any EOC.  These changes are really important for our growing number of customers in other Australian states and abroad.

You'll notice the new logo in the top left corner and the renaming in the admin system.  

Among the new features are:

  • Enhancements to the Mapping and Agency tab configuration interfaces
  • Improvements to EOC interoperability system including a revised configuration interface
  • Enhanced security on data feeds
You'll notice that you can now view links for live feeds from within the system configurator and can click on these to view the actual URL.

You can now click on "External EOCs" to configure automated communications between multiple Emergency Operations Centres.

This update has been rolled out to all customers automatically (you may require to delete your browser cache to access some of the features) .

If you encounter any issues, you can contact our service desk on our new Crisisworks Australian local call rate number 1300 C-WORKS or internationally on +61 3 9521 4400.



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