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Vulnerable Persons Registers (VPR) gain Momentum

Posted 29 April 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

Launched just a few months ago, the Vulnerable Persons Registers (VPR), an initiative of the Victorian Department of Human Services and Municipal Association of Victoria has now been rolled out to hundreds of funded agencies, Victoria Police and participating LGAs across the CFA's 8 regions.

Based on recommendations from the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission, the secure 24x7s365 web based system provides authorised agencies with the ability to locate vulnerable persons in an emergency to assist with special needs and evacuation. Developed by Datalink using Crisisworks, it builds upon the ease of use of Victoria's most popular emergency management system and links securely with the state-wide local emergency management system - MECC Central.  

Highlights of the project to date:

  • 217 DHS funded agencies including numerous public hospitals
  • 850 Vulnerable Persons
  • 62 Participating LGAs (out of 64)
  • 900 users
  • Average of 13 clients per LGA

The VPR makes it easy for authorised users to locate vulnerable persons in an emergency

Several key enhancements were made to Crisisworks to meet the requirements of the project, including:

  • Mapping Enhancements - querying based on area (polygon, radius or custom layers)
  • New registers, boards and filter functionality
  • Agency self-registration
  • Verification and Revalidation of records
  • Evacuation Reports
  • User Agreement to Terms of use
  • Optimisation of Usability, User Interface, Performance and Security

Some of these features are being progessively released as Crisisworks updates while others are being deployed to meet specific project requirements.

The VPR is another great example of the versatility of Crisisworks and the ability for it to be customised and deployed to meet enterprise requirements.  For an overview of the system, visit the VPR's Support pages.  


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