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North West Collaboration Exercises

Posted 1 November 2012 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

The Cririsworks team recently participated in two emergency exercises, Exercise Lorikeet and Exercise Swift Parrot conducted by a colaboration of over a dozen councils from Melbourne's north western metropolitan area.  Together these councils represent a population of well over half a million.

Exercise Lorikeet held at Preston Town Hall was one of the largest exercises that Crisisworks has been involved in to date, with over 200 participants. The exercise which similated a sinkhole in the suburban area engulfing homes, included role playing at the relief centre and a large operations centre and involved numerous agencies including the Australian Red Cross, CFA, DEECD, DHS, Salvation Army, St Johns Ambulance, SES and Victoria Police.

Crisisworks' Scott Davey was on hand observe and provide admin support.

View of the MECC running Crisisworks at Preston Town Hall

A second event, Exercise Swift Parrot, was hosted a couple of weeks later in Cragieburn.  The simulation, which simulated the effects of a nuclear powered artificial satellite crashing into the urban area and subsequent mass evacuation.  Crisisworks sent Bradley Hogan and Luke Zawadzki to assist with this event.


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