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Nillumbik Families website News and Events Upgrades

Posted 13 January 2011 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

We've just finished launching a new look news and events system for the Nillumbik Families website ( website.  I'm really excited about the new sections so I thought I'd give a quick tour.

Working with Nillumbik's Program Development Officer, Kerrie, we designed a solution that would address the increasing number of events being added to the site and a way of better promoting events visually,featuring them and handling events that occurred on more than one date.  Additionally we sought to segment the audiences, with a general public view (with a focus on activities) and a professionals view (with a focus on professional development type events).  

The growing archive of news was really begging for a more effective presentation that minimised scrolling and allowed for archiving.  With social media becoming increasingly popular, a way for users to share news was always going to be a bonus.

Our solution considered both user feedback and analysis of user trends.  Implemented by Jenny Joseph, the new look is achieved using updated and customised Freestyler 5.1 CMS templates, "News Home" and "Events Home".  We think they offer a great improvement to the website user experience.

Nillumbik Families Website Homepage

News Home New Look

The new News Home template converts what was a simple list of news articles into a much more effective and interactive layout that features a large hero news image; automatic thumbnails of a series of new feature articles; archive navigation; RSS other social media.

Latest News Before
Latest News After

Events Home New Look

The new Events Home template simplifies the calendar and puts it in the sidebar.  A summary of upcoming events remains on the homepage, while the full list of upcoming events is removed from the calendar view.  Days with events on them are highlighted and clicking on the hyperlink for that date jumps the user down the screen where they can view more details for the events on that day. All events have promotional thumbnail images.  Featured events can be "stickied" to the top of the list.  Events spanning multiple months appear at the bottom.  There is an RSS feed for subscribers and also the ability to opt-in to an email list.

Calendar month view before
Calendar month view after

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