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Large Scale Relief Exercise for Melbourne's Eastern Region

Posted 18 February 2013 by Peter Kakris (Crisisworks)

Last week I visited the Boroondara Sports Complex in Belmore Road Balwyn with a colleague from the Crisisworks team, Neal Wolfson.  It was an exciting event for Crisisworks as an opportunity to participate in a large scale Reigional emergency relief centre simulation coordinated through the City of Boroondara.  The Sports Complex facility is the designated Emergency Relief Centre (ERC) for the local community with a capacity for over a thousand temporarily relocated persons.

During the exercise council captured information from the incident into Crisisworks and tested coordination of the relief centre both with and without Crisisworks. Crisisworks was used on mobile devices including laptops, tablet computers and smartphones securely via wireless networks.  Participants noted that communications were improved where Crisisworks was used. Our team was on hand to provide some training and fine tune the system's configuration and an excellent learning experience on Crisisworks use in relief operation.

Action from the simulated relief operation at Boroondara Sport Complex

City of Boroondara Relief Coordinators using Crisisworks with iPads and laptops


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