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Introducing Registers - status boards and mobile reporting for your key processes

Posted 16 September 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

We're very excited to show off a game changing feature of Crisisworks 3.5's new architecture - the registers model. This new model enables almost any crisis management process to be created into a module that can be snapped in to the system. We've listened to our customers who have suggested all sorts of new registered for Crisisworks and have created a system that is flexible enough to accommodate them.

Most exciting, because Crisisworks Mobile App is fully integrated with the registers, this means that you can use your mobile devices to easily capture and submit detailed information directly into a register (using separately licenced add-on packs).

Since 2011, Crisisworks has had just two registers - Activites and People & Property. With the development of Crisisworks 3.5 there are now more than half a dozen and many more are currently being developed.

Just a handful of registers either new, in development or proposed include:

  • Fire Prevention Register
  • Vulnerable Persons Register
  • Hazardous Trees Register
  • Infrastructure Register
  • Hazards Register
  • Animals Register
  • Relief Centre Register

Each Crisisworks register is a self-contained module that contains its own manageable database of records and is fully customisable.

Features of each Crisisworks register include:

  • accessed via its own menu tab
  • restricted by user role
  • customised data entry form
  • status codes for managing workflow
  • map view, icons and selectable layer
  • grid view of data that can also be customised to show required information
  • filters - to easily find sets of records
  • data export
  • reports
The screenshot below shows a preview of the Fire Prevention Register, which 18 councils in Victoria are now signed on to use. Crisisworks registers make this complex system easy to use.

Submitting mobile reports into your registers is easy using the companion forms in the Crisisworks Mobile App.

You will see more action from this exciting new feature in the coming months.


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