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Installing GDAL 1.11 on OSX using Homebrew

Posted 12 April 2014 by Scott Davey (Scott Davey)

UPDATE: There's now an easier way to do this.

For those that work on GIS software development, GDAL is probably your go-to toolkit as it is mine. 

Recently I had to read data from the ESRI FileGDB format, and as it turns out that's a painful, proprietary format to work with unless you have ESRI's own tools. Until now, that is. Only a week ago, GDAL released their first beta of GDAL 1.11, which includes an open driver for FileGDB.

However, currently Homebrew links to GDAL 1.10. So for early adopters, here's how to get GDAL 1.11 running on OSX.


  1. You've got OSX 10.9 (may work on others, but untested)
  2. You've installed Homebrew and are familiar with the CLI generally


  1. Install MySQL 5.6 if you need it
    brew install mysql
  2. Now begin installing GDAL
    brew install gdal
  3. When it begins compiling, press Control-C to stop it - no need to go all the way to the end, as it's installing 1.10
  4. Now, edit the brew formula
    brew edit gdal
  5. On or around line 5, replace the URL and SHA1 with the link and SHA hash for the latest 1.11 tarball. Here's what mine looks like as at today (you can get the SHA1 by trying to install on the new URL and reading the error message):
    url ''
    sha1 '5bf75d3d6646f34f8f6d5a032e012f65f469e8ec'
  6. Search for the lines containing the patch commands and remove them.
  7. Now rebuild homebrew (I install it wo
    brew install gdal --with-mysql
  8. That's it! To test, run this command to test the supported formats. Note FileGDB and MySQL are in there. 
    ogrinfo --formats

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