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First Crisisworks exercise in New South Wales a success

Posted 16 November 2012 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

The Crisisworks team have just returned from our pilot implementation of the system in New South Wales at foundation partner Tumut Shire Council and we're very pleased to report that all went well.

Exercise "Fire and Brimstone" involved a scenario of a large industrial fire and involved participants from agencies including Tumut Shire, Ambulance Service NSW, Department Primary Industries NSW, Greater Southern Health Service, National Parks & Wildlife Service, Fire and Rescue NSW, Police Service NSW, Rural Fire Service NSW, State Emergency Service NSW, Snowy Works & Services, Tumbarumba Shire Council, Visy Pulp & Paper and Volunteer Rescue Association NSW.  

The two hour exercise included a quickstart session facilitated by the Crisisworks team and a mix of devices including laptops and tablets were used along with two projectors for situational awareness and a common operating picture.  Council's GIS team were onsite and some interaction between the EOC, Crisisworks, council's GIS was achieved.  

Participants commented that the system had clear improvements to operational efficiency and while some work has been done to to the New South Wales environment the exercise was invaluable for identifying ways to further improve the system for New South Wales. 

View of the Tumut Shire EOC in exercise action


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