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Crisisworks in SAMMI, NSA's mobile incident control centre

Posted 13 December 2013 by Peter Kakris (Crisisworks)

Not since the pilot episode of Knight Rider have we been so excited by a state-of-the-art vehicle ... NSA's SAMMI is much more than a truck. It is a fully functioning mobile incident control centre.

The Strategically Activated to Monitor and Manage Incidents (SAMMI) is a new initiative of the National Safety Agency (NSA) and offers broadband data for front line personnel to interact with the latest technology. Including Crisisworks !

The Crisisworks team visited the Australian Emergency Management Institute (AEMI) at Mount Macedon in Victoria to check out the software being put to action in SAMMI for educational purposes.

We're very excited by the partnership in which Crisisworks is licensed as an educational tool.

Check out our photos of Crisisworks in action and our one minute video tour of SAMMI below ...


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