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Crisisworks for iPhone and iPad released

Posted 17 June 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

A new app for iPhone and iPad adding some exciting new functionality to Crisisiworks has been released on the App Store.

While Crisisworks has supported these devices since its first release in 2009, with its mobile first design philosophy, the new app which has been in production and testing for some time harnesses the full power of iOS devices.  The Crisisworks companion app features:

  • GPS location capture
  • Camera integration
  • Offline caching (useful when not in range of 3G/4G data network)
  • Custom form integration
  • Maps integration
  • Polygon area selection

The Crisisworks companion app enables the software to be used for field assessments, including:

  • Property Assessments
  • Impact Assessments
  • Fire Prevention Notices
  • Hazard Notification
  • Requests
  • Information

The app provides a real-time feed into the Crisisworks dashboard, enabling real-time intelligence gathering.

At present it is being piloted with a number of local councils in Victoria. Other users will be able to access the real-time dashboard feed in an upcoming Crisisworks release.

A number of exciting new features are planned and an Android version is currently in development.

The free app has a single user licence. In the near future it will be possible to upgrade to multiple user licences for use throughout your organisation.

Crisisworks iPhone companion dashboard

Using the iPhone camera function to submit images of impacts

Selecting a polygon area using iPhone maps

Submitting a Rapid Impact Assessment on the iPhone


  1. Sean said on 13:45 Friday 26 Jul, 2013

    [ +7 ] Fletch, the server component is in the upcoming release of Crisisworks (which should be available very soon) and is configured to work with the apps. The app currently stores data locally ready to be synced to Crisisworks server.

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  2. Fletch said on 14:13 Monday 22 Jul, 2013

    [ +107 ] This is awesome but the app keeps telling me that it could not reach the server. It is telling me that the server URL is incorrect.
    Am I not holding my tongue right?

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