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City of Casey training exercise

Posted 10 June 2013 by Sean Fishlock (Crisisworks)

Last week the Crisisworks team provided back up support for a training session at the City of Casey at the council's Cranbourne offices. The most encouraging aspect about the session was the council's self-sufficiency.  The Crisisworks team have conducted training at the council in 2012 and on hand this time to witness those training others.

The City of Casey is, by population, the largest LGA in Victoria, with a population of over a quarter of a million people and one of the fastest growing local government areas in Australia. The facility used was also the council's MECC facility.  Participants used a variety of devices, including laptops and iPads to interact with the system.  Two projectors were used to provide a common operating picture.

Feedback was gathered which helped them to further improve the MECC facility for use of Crisisworks.

A view of the City of Casey MECC


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