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"Baseline" to be the first Youth Portal 2.0

Posted 11 January 2011 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

Whittlesea will be the first Youth Portal 2.0, launching a new Baseline website in 2011 with the new web portal currently under construction.

Whittlesea's youth services was rebranded Baseline in 2009 by agency Truly Deeply, so it was only natural that the website also get an upgrade.  As one of the earliest councils to adopted Youth Portal, Whittlesea continue to innovate in the area of youth services on and off the web.  The website is one of the most visited Youth Portals attracting over 5,000 visitors a year.  Demographic trends show that young people in Whittlesea are getting older, with the new brand taking more of a teenage focus.

The timing of the rebranding was also perfect for Whittlesea, with a new version of Youth Portal in the wings.  

Among the new features in Youth Portal 2.0 are:

  • New Social Media widgets (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and RSS)
  • Compliance with the Municipal Association of Victoria's Social Media for Local Government policy (draft released August 2010)
  • New Programs template
  • Youth Worker Avatars
  • Youth Worker Portal
  • SMS subscribe add-on for email newsletter module

Its going to be an exciting year for youth services with other Youth Portals expected to use version 2.0 in 2011.  Baseline will adopt a "keep it simple" approach to the web portal to help ensure its success and is expected to be launched in time for National Youth Week. Watch this space !


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