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v3.5.27 release

Posted 16 December 2013 by Peter Kakris (Crisisworks)

"Release time" is our favourite time in the software development world. It's when all our hard work comes to fruition!
We've been busy locked away improving the Crisisworks product since the last release.

Some thing you might notice are:

  • When editing an activity and looking for a property - hitting "enter" will no longer submit the whole activity. It will submit the property search.
  • We've squashed a bunch of general bugs, including a bunch for IE7 - We still recommend you run the latest version of Internet Explorer possible
  • There's been a lot of behind the scenes performance work, but we still have a lot of tricks up our sleeves for future improvements
  • We've fixed up some issues with the advanced searching tools
  • There has been some pretty cool changes to the Property Search tools - you should now be able to find properties much more accurately! - Further improvements to this are on the way!
  • Incident reports have been updated to be more comprehensive
  • Multiple overdue activity notifications are now consolidated into one notification - and you'll get this hourly. - We've limited these to activities edited after 9am on Monday December 16th, so you're not bombarded with notifications over the weekend!
  • Victorian council users will find that assigning the "VPR coordinator" role will also automatically grant the "VPR Access" permission.
The upgrade will roll out automatically to all users.


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