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PDL website third generation refresh

Posted 14 September 2010 by Sean Fishlock (Datalink)

We've just relaunched the website for Australia's oldest and largest national pharmacy organisation Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (,.

The very first site we designed for PDL back in 2007 looked very different to what it is today but the last redesign in 2009 was very close.  The latest development (third generation) is really a refresh of that design as it retains the header and overall styles of that site.

The new site can be seen below:

New PDL homepage

We achieved this great outcome by working closely with Marie at PDL to come up with a solution aimed at making the website as easy as possible for users and better organised for admin editors.  Much of the site consisted of PDF files, so it was important that the website have more of a focus on files without being too text heavy. The outcome was a series of wireframes which gave the site's architecture a shake up and depicted some new "Web 2.0" ideas.  

The homepage was vastly simplified and tweaked with several key features added.  The focus was a large are for the content slider which effectively replaced several banners that were all competing for attention.  The slider adds some life and animation to an otherwise static site.  The effectiveness of the secondary navigation icons for popular functions was increased by grouping them and giving them their own sidebar space. A new super-footer was also introduced for improved access to important pages.  The News system for the site was overhauled in favour of a new feature which would simply notify members when something had been changed or added to the site.  The resulting "What's New" also has an RSS subscription option and greatly reduces the time required to manage the site.  

Pages were made more attractive with the introduction of thumbnail images for sub-links and PDF auto-thumbnailing for files.

Likewise the members are was also improved, allowing it to scale up to many hundreds of downloadable files.  A tag-based navigation system was introduced as well as search and filtering functions.

Homepage (before)
Homepage (after)

Since the redesign, we've had good feedback and are told that stakeholder satisfaction has increased.

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